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Clinical Management of Binocular Vision,4/e
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Preface to the First Edition


Author : Mitchell Scheiman , Bruce Wick

I Diagnosis and General Treatment Approach

1. Diagnostic Testing

2. Case Analysis and Classification

3. General Treatment Modalities, Guidelines, and Prognosis

II Vision Therapy Procedures and Instrumentation

4. Introduction and General Concepts

5. Fusional Vergence, Voluntary Convergence, and Antisuppression Procedures

6. Accommodative Techniques

7. Ocular Motility Procedures

III Management

8. Low AC/A Conditions: Convergence Insufficiency and Divergence Insufficiency

9. High AC/A Conditions: Convergence Excess and Divergence Excess

10. Normal AC/A Conditions: Fusional Vergence Dysfunction, Basic Esophoria, and Basic Exophoria

11. Accommodative Dysfunction

12. Eye Movement Disorders

13. Cyclovertical Heterophoria

14. Fixation Disparity

IV Advanced Diagnostic and Management Issues

15. Interactions Between Accommodation and Vergence

16. Refractive Amblyopia

17. Nystagmus

18. Aniseikonia

19. Binocular and Accommodative Problems Associated with Computer Use

20. Binocular and Accommodative Problems Associated with Acquired Brain Injury

21. Binocular and Accommodative Problems Associated with Learning Problems

V Vision Therapy and Optometric Practice

22. Patient and Practice Management Issues in Vision Therapy

App. I: Samples of Correspondence and Forms

App. II: Sources of Additional Information

App. III Home Vision Therapy Procedures

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