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Clinical Procedures in Primary Eye Care,3/e
모델명 Elliott(3/e)
원산지 외국
제조사 Butterworth-Heinemann
권장소비자가 130,000원
판매가 125,000원
적립금 1,250원

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From reviews of the first edition:

"Clinical Procedures in Primary Eye Care is an easy read. The level of detail is terrific for anyone unfamiliar with a particular procedure (or rusty with a particular procedure), but with some understanding. Everything is explained, including appropriate instructions to give to the patients, possible errors to watch out for... I highly recommend it."
Optometry and Vision Science


Author : David B. Elliot

1. Introduction to the Primary Eye Care Examination

2. Assessment of Visual Function

3. Assessment of Binocular Vision

4. Determination of the Refractive Correction

5. Ocular Health Assessment

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ISBN 0750655275
출판사 Butterworth-Heinemann
저 자 Elliott(2/e)
출판일 2003년 2판발행
재본상태 무선제본
페이지 307page

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